Discover How Pharma is Using Technology to Measurably Improve the Customer Experience for Patients and HCPs

The 7th Annual Pharma CX Tech Summit will bring together 25+ speakers and 125+ pharma marketing and customer experience leaders to explore how pharma is using technology - like AI, voice & chat, automation, and personalization - to measurably improve the customer experience. Hear from leading pharma customer experience and marketing leaders and learn what they are doing to deliver better customer experiences for patients and HCPs, while driving business impact.

PanAgora Pharma CX events are unique within the industry because attendance is limited to ensure each event is industry-led. Of the attendees, our goal is to maintain at least 65% attendance from pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics companies (mainly comprised of senior-level marketing and customer experience executives within those organizations).

Delegates of this conference will have ample opportunity to connect with other attendees, engage with conference speakers and panelists, participate in interactive conference sessions and workshops, and network with peers.

The Nassau Inn
10 Palmer Square
Princeton, NJ 08542
Date & Time
November 14, 2024
09:00 - 05:30PM EST
Reception to Follow
Highlights from last year's
Pharma CX Tech Summit 2023

• 33 Expert Speakers
• 15 Captivating Sessions
• 70.2% of Attendees from Pharma Industry

Speaking Faculty (2023)
Vijay Iyengar
Seth Painter
Mike Edwards

Will McMahon
Dale Cooke
phillycooke consulting
Kevin Hsieh
Sheetal Shah

Steve LoSardo
Ryan Rosenberg
Chase Feiger
Peter Chiappano

Jeff Oliver
Abigail Canlas
Amanda Ayotte
Bryan Zembrowski
Joe Falcone
Chrissy Buckley
Eileen Nolan
Amy Turnquist
North Highland
Oksana Matviienko
Alex Ain
Anton Yarovoy
Novartis (former)
Vera Kutsenko
Mary Lassiter
Mia Patterson-Brennan
Rich Schwartrz
Chuck Sachs
Danielle Titus
Conference Agenda (2023)
08:00 AM
Welcome Breakfast

Hosted in the Exhibition Area

09:15 AM
Co-Hosts Opening Remarks 

Seth Painter, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Ostro
Vijay Iyengar, Sr. Director, Sales and Marketing, Eisai

09:20 AM
PERSPECTIVES:  Technologies Redefining the Patient Experience in Pharma

The importance of technology as it applies to patient experience (PX) cannot be overstated. Almost every touchpoint on the patient journey is affected by technology in one way or another. Are we using it to optimize the patient experience? Can technology have a negative effect?

• How does technology enhance the patient experience for your specific product/market/therapy/patient population?
• When considering patient experience technology tech, what has changed in the past 12 months?
• How are you using technology to understand and act on customer frustrations?
• How is AI being implemented to create more personalized marketing experiences?
• Looking to the future: What's next?

Alex Ain, Partner, HawkPartners
Sheetal Shah, Customer Experience Business Partner, Novo Nordisk
Chrissy Buckley, Sr. Manager, Digital Consumer Marketing, Endo

Moderated by: Rich Schwartz, Life Sciences Practice Lead, Qualtrics

09:50 AM
Improve the Experience for Visitors Interacting with Your Brand’s Digital Properties

Chase Feiger, MD, Founder, Ostro

10:10 AM
CASE STUDY:  Optimizing Patient Needs in the Tech Experience

Drawing on +20 years of online marketing experience -- both in AND outside of pharma, Kevin talks about technology & focus on the patient, specifically optimizing & prioritizing their needs. Key concepts include: communication at the patient level, knowing the audience & listening to/applying feedback. Kevin manages an ecosystem of +30 brand sites, so he knows a thing or two about the optimal approach.

Kevin Hsieh, Director, Portfolio Web & Mobile, Experience Services & Digital Innovation, Genentech

10:30 AM
PERSPECTIVES:  Using Modular Content to Personalize Experiences at Scale

• What is modular content, and why should we care?
• What is the state of modular content in pharma?
• Learning how to launch, create and experiment with modular content
• Keys to implementing modular content successfully in your company
• What's in store for the future of modular content in pharma?

Oksana Matviienko, Head of Regional Growth, Americas, Viseven
Ryan Rosenberg, Director, Omnichannel Engagement Capabilities, Sanofi
Mary Lassiter, Digital Platforms Operations Lead, Bayer
Joe Falcone, Director, Modular Content Strategy & Execution, BMS

Moderated by: Amy Turnquist, Principal, North Highland & NA Operating Board, Healthcare Businesswomen's Association

11:00 AM
Networking Break

11:30 AM
WORKSHOP Part I: Improving the HCP Experience

During this workshop, your group will brainstorm about ways to improve the HCP experience from a brand perspective. Results will be tallied and reviewed, and presented to the audience during the afternoon workshop session.

Vijay Iyengar, Sr. Director, Sales and Marketing, Eisai
Lisa Grimsley, Marketing Director, Almatica Pharma

11:50 AM
Leveraging Gen AI to Maximize Brand Impact from First Idea to In-Market

• What is Gen AI beyond the hype of ChatGPT? Unlock new applications.
• How can it be used to unlock omni-channel orchestration at scale?
• How can it be used to personalize HCP engagement to drive brand awareness?
• Use cases that have been seen in field today
• Get all your controversial questions answered (don't hold back)

Vera Kutsenko, Founder & CEO, Atrix AI

12:10 PM
PERSPECTIVES: A Conversation about Conversational AI

• Why do you have a chatbot?
• What it is and why it is successful?
• How is the chatbot discovered by the end user?
• What is the user interface and how is that valuable?
• How was the customer considered when building the chatbot?

Chuck Sachs, Principal IT Capability Lead, Medical, AstraZeneca
Danielle Titus. Sr. Director, Medical Information, Oncology, AstraZeneca

Moderated by: Vera Kutsenko, Founder & CEO, Atrix AI

12:40 PM
Networking Lunch
01:40 PM
Hello! Is it me you're looking for?

How do you create relevant connections with customers that are hyper personal and just in time? Let’s discuss how successful personalization looks like using digital social listening, AI, and ChatGPT, to connect at the right time, with the right people, with the right information.

Anton Yarovoy, Director, Precision Medicine, (former) Novartis

02​​​​:00 PM
That's Great, But Can You Get It Approved?

In this session, Dale Cooke, the president of PhillyCooke Consulting, and the author of Effective Review and Approval of Digital Promotional Tactics, 2nd ed., shares the secrets for taking innovative promotional tactics through the Promotional Review process (sometimes called Med-Legal review).

Dale Cooke, President, PhillyCooke Consulting

02:20 PM
PERSPECTIVES:  Omnichannel and the Pharma Customer Experience

• What is the role of omnichannel as it pertains to HCP experience? And to the patient experience?
• In terms of difficulty, how does HCP omnichannel compare with patient omnichannel?
• What are the top hurdles to omnichannel success?
• What are essential best practices and approaches to overcome those hurdles?
• What’s next? What will the omnichannel experience look like in 2024? 2034?

Abigail Canlas, Head of Omnichannel Center of Excellence, Otsuka
Will McMahon, Director, Omnichannel Strategy, AstraZeneca
Jeff Oliver, Hematology Portfolio Marketing & Channel Marketing, (former) BMS

Moderated by: Steve LoSardo, VP of Life Science Domain Solutions and Consulting, SoftServe

02:50 PM
Networking Break

03:20 PM
WORKSHOP Part II: Improving the HCP Experience

During this session, we will reveal the results from the morning workshop's responses about ways to improve the HCP experience from a brand perspective.

Vijay Iyengar, Sr. Director, Sales and Marketing, Eisai
Lisa Grimsley, Marketing Director, Almatica Pharma

03:40 PM
Leveraging AI to Improve Healthcare CX with Resource Constraints

​• Challenges in AI + Pharma
• Role of AI in Resource Optimization
• Use cases in Pharma
• Challenges with AI in you organization
• The Benefits of AI

Mia Patterson-Brennan, Associate Director, Digital Solutions, Lundbeck

04:00 PM
PERSPECTIVES:  Technologies Redefining the HCP Experience in Pharma

• Discuss the state of technology as it applies to engaging HCPs
• How does HCP experience relate to your product / market / therapy / patient population?
• What types of metrics can currently be collected to evaluate HCP Experience? How useful are they? Or not?
• Examples of technologies, programs, or strategies that are optimizing HCP experiences

Peter Chiappano, Lead, Emerging Technologies within NextGen Capabilities, Novo Nordisk
Bryan Zembrowski, Director, Dermatology Marketing, Regeneron
Mike Edwards, Executive Director, Marketing Strategy, Novartis

Moderated by: Seth Painter, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Ostro

04:30 PM
End of Conference

Reception / Happy Hour to Follow in Exhibition Area & Courtyard

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