Discover How Pharma is Using Technology to Measurably Improve Customer Experiences

Join us November 16th in Princeton, NJ for a 1-day pharma customer experience technology masterclass and discover how pharma is implementing technologies that are redefining the standard for customer experience.

The 6th Annual Pharma CX Tech Summit will bring together 25+ speakers and 125+ pharma marketing and customer experience leaders to explore how pharma is using technologies - like AI/ML, voice & chat, connected devices, AR/VR, automation, personalization, and telehealth - to enhance the customer experience. Hear from leading pharma customer experience, marketing, and customer engagement teams about what they are doing to deliver better experiences for patients, payers, and HCPs, while driving business impact.

Delegates of this conference will have ample opportunity to connect with other attendees, engage with conference speakers and panelists, participate in interactive conference sessions and workshops, and network with peers.

The Nassau Inn
10 Palmer Square
Princeton, NJ 08542
Date & Time
November 16, 2023
09:00 - 05:30PM EST
Reception to Follow
Highlights from the
Pharma CX Tech Summit 2022

• 33 Expert Speakers
• 15 Captivating Sessions
• 104 Registered Attendees
• 70.2% of Attendees from Pharma Industry

Speaking Faculty (2022)
Vijay Iyengar
Annmarie Carroll
Lars Merk

Karen Root
boehringer ingelheim
Wayne Simmons 
Corinne Yaouanq-Lyngberg
Anton Yarovoy

Venita Patel
Relief therapeutics
Susan Schwartz
Cardinal health
Erica Devine
Mahesh Kolar
Leo pharma
Annie Foster
Joyce Ercolino
Orel Swenson, MD
Amy Turnquist
North Highland
Seth Painter
Stephanie Garrison
Rich Schwartrz
Geoff Chamberlain
Jared Shechtman
Erin Russell
Curio therapeutics
William Veltre
Elyse Altabet
Archita Bhansali
Peter Chiappano
Marshall Hawks
John Lilliquist

Mary Lassiter
Mark Palma

Dan Wagner
Conference Agenda (2022)
08:00 AM
08:30 AM
Welcome Breakfast

Hosted in the Exhibition Area

09:15 AM
Opening Remarks from Conference Chairs

Seth Painter, Director, National Accounts, Populus Media
Vijay Iyengar, Senior Director, Sales and Marketing IT Solutions, Eisai

09:25 AM
Do Digital Customers Dream of Electric Sheep?

Rich Schwartz, Life Sciences Industry Practice Lead, Medallia

09:45 AM
Pharma CX Tech: 3 Essential Shifts

Customers today have more choices than ever. In this environment, delivering exceptional experiences to HCPs becomes a compelling way for Pharma companies to differentiate from the crowd and earn the right to long-term customer relationships. Understand the essential shifts that Pharma companies must make to reposition CX from a "nice-to-have" to a core value driver.

Wayne Simmons, Customer Powerhouse, Customer Experience Leader, Bayer

10:05 AM
PERSPECTIVES: Technologies Redefining the Patient Experience in Pharma

The importance of technology as it applies to patient experience (PX) cannot be overstated. Almost every touchpoint on the patient journey is affected by technology in one way or another. Are we using it to optimize the patient experience? Can technology have a negative effect?

• How does technology enhance PX for your specific product/market/therapy/patient populations?
• When considering patient experience technology tech, what has changed in the past 12 months?
• How are you using technology to understand and act on customer frustrations?
• How can customer feedback and observation can drive better engagement/value in technology decisions?
• How do you connect ‘channels of choice’?

Susan Schwartz, Director of Sales, Cardinal Health
Erica Devine, Associate Director, Patient Experience Strategy, Otsuka
William Veltre, Director, Omni-Channel Experience, Strategy & Planning, BMS

Moderated by: Seth Painter, Director, National Accounts, Populus Media

10:35 AM
Networking Break

10:55 AM
Are All Specialists Special? Shifting the Paradigms on How Patients Identify their Treaters

This session will specify innovative interventions you can utilize along the Customer Experience journey - with both patients and providers - to help your future customers become current customers.

Marshall Hawks, Chief Data Officer, MediFind

11:15 AM
Leveraging MARKETING technology to leverage DIAGNOSTIC technology

With an ever evolving and complicated landscape in diagnostics, many healthcare providers find themselves lost in a sea of information in need of a guide. See how a testing robot leveraged education in a non promotional video to drive testing knowledge forward and what we can learn from these types of customer experience marketing approaches.

Anton Yaravoy, Director, Precision Medicine - US Oncology, Novartis

11:35 AM
Exploring the “other” end-user – HCPs and the challenges to adoption of Machine Learning-based digital solutions

The patient experience is a driving force in digital health tool development, but adoption and acceptance will be equally determined by HCPs. Understand where HCPs are in their ML journey, and how focusing pharma’s strengths on addressing their concerns and risks can accelerate adoption for the benefit of both patients and providers.

Orel Swenson, M.D, Medical Director for Digital Therapeutics, Biofourmis

12:00 PM
PERPECTIVES: Building Blocks for Improving the HCP Experience
Customer experience intersects with all phases of marketing, and an optimal CX should be the goal of every program, campaign, or initiative. There are, however, some inevitable bumps in the road to optimal customer experience. Clinician and administrative engagement leaders are increasingly looking to experience insights to shape and validate efforts on and offline. While the appetite has never been higher, some things are holding industry back from realizing the value other B2B focused industries see. Whether it's organizational, technological, or simply our industry in general, our panel will identify some of those challenges and discuss ways of mitigation.

• Discuss some of the challenges (internal buy-in, regulatory, budget, technology, measurement, etc.) that can appear on the pathway to optimal CX 
• How can experience data support the total office engagement to increase affinity and decrease practice burden (clinical, logistical)?
• How is clinician experience activation connected to business objectives?
• The connector between the optimized professional experience to help the MD and office serve the patient?  

Lori Hancock, Director, Multichannel Integration Team, Oncology, Merck
Peter Chiappano, Associate Director, Emerging Technologies & Digital Strategy, Novo Nordisk
Mahesh Kolar, Senior Director, Commercial Operations, LEO Pharma

Moderated by: Vijay Iyengar, Senior Director, Sales and Marketing IT Solutions, Eisai

12:30 PM
Networking Luncheon
01:30 PM
KEYNOTE:  Design Thinking for a Better Customer Experience
What does Design Thinking have to do with Customer Experience? Can we include our customers in our corporate processes? Let’s talk about getting closer to the needs of the customer at every stage. It can be done, by any team, quickly and inexpensively. 

Cal Austin, Innovation Customer Experience Lead, Pfizer

01:55 PM
WORKSHOP:  CX Meets Innovation... In the Metaverse

The ultimate customer experience comes when you leverage multi-modality of the metaverse and other realities. The future of customer experience design will require innovation for advanced approaches to meet the wants & needs of your customers.

Karen Root, Director, Experience Strategy, Boehringer Ingelheim

02:30 PM
The Next Era of Brand Building: Multidimensional Storytelling 

Hear from Meta creative leadership on what accelerated consumer expectations and heightened connectivity mean for your brand. Leave empowered and clear on how to add depth to your storytelling and build unforgettable experiences.

Annie Foster, Creative Strategy Lead, Health, Meta

02:50 PM

The vision of an omnichannel strategy is to optimize experience: with the customer at the center. Omnichannel seeks to figure out what motivates the individual and then tailor the experience to meet those needs. AI, machine learning and predictive analytics are making this a reality. The concept of “NEXT BEST ACTION” is also growing in prominence as it builds on the work of AI. Our panel examines the state of affairs in these areas and discusses their application and benefit.

• With regard to your therapeutic area, what does OMNICHANNEL mean to you?
• With a myriad of applications, how are you leveraging AI…?
• What does NEXT BEST ACTION mean to you and your customers?
• What are your thoughts on the necessity of NBA in the overall customer journey?

Lars Merk, Senior Global Marketing Director, AstraZeneca
Vijay Iyengar, Senior Director, Sales and Marketing IT Solutions, Eisai
Geoff Chamberlain, Associate Director - Channel Activation and Integration, Sanofi
Corinne Yaouanq-Lyngberg, Director, Omnichannel Strategic Enablement, Commercial Ops, Novo Nordisk

Moderated by: Amy Turnquist, President, HBA Philly, Principal, North Highland

03:20 PM
Networking Break
03:40 PM
PERSPECTIVES:  Technology + CX:  Tales of Dx + Tx
Customer experience can generally be defined as “how a customer feels when they interact with you brand.” This description is usually reserved for areas such as marketing, digital touch points and support services. However, technology is impacting the actual treatment of disease, with practical tech-enabled solutions. Three innovators share their perspective on how technology is impacting the patient & provider in the areas of diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of chronic health conditions.

• With a focus on your therapeutic area, discuss the importance of “experience” during the operational aspects of disease management.
• What are some of the barriers or challenges that tech-enabled therapies face?
• In a broad sense, what have been the positive outcomes of collaborations between healthcare & technology?
• What does the future hold: In 1 year? 5 years? 50 years?

Archita Bhansali, Chief Digital Health Sales, Teva
Erin Russell, Chief Product Officer, Curio Therapeutics
Daniel Wagner, Chief Commercial Officer, Spark Biomedical

Moderated by: Seth Painter, Director, National Accounts, Populus Media

04:10 PM
PERSPECTIVES:  Social Media + CX 
Social Media is everywhere—its hard to find anyone that is not involved with social media at some level. Therefore, its hard to find anyone who’s EXPERIENCE is not affected by social media. Driven by technology, but inherently human, social media may be the ultimate intersection of CX and Technology that our industry has seen. This panels explores innovation in social media and the state of the channel in 2022...and beyond.

• What’s the state of social with regards to commercial pharma? What' hot? What’s not? What has fallen out of favor in social media? Discuss the “traditional” social media channels and their current impact.
• Discuss Influencers and the role the play in terms of CX, marketing efforts and performance.
• How is social media integrating with other functionalities?
• What are some of the operational aspects of social that are sometimes overlooked that can alter customer experience?

Stephanie Garrison, Head, Digital Marketing, Idorsia
Vanita Patel, Associate Director, US Marketing, Relief Therapeutics
Annmarie Carroll, Social Media Global Lead, AstraZeneca

Moderated by: Seth Painter, Director, National Accounts, Populus Media

04:40 PM
The Growth of Audio & Data Applications:  What’s New & Next

John Lilliquist, SVP, Health, iHeartMedia
Mark Palma, VP, Advanced Audio & Data, iHeartMedia

05:00 PM
PERSPECTIVES: (Pharma CX vs. Consumer CX) + Technology

NEWS ALERT: Marketing in the pharma sector is much different than marketing in the consumer world. Conservative corporate philosophies, strict regulatory environments and the myriad of individual patient situations are just a few of the reasons given for pharma’s perceived status as “5-10 years behind the rest of the world.” Through the lens of improving the customer experience, our panel investigates both the consumer & pharma sectors for insights on how the consumer space could impact the pharma industry…and vice versa.

• In terms of customer experience, what are some key differences between pharma & consumer?
• It’s easy to point out the differences, but what are some of the ways that pharma & consumer are alike?
• Recount some of the challenges you have encountered while trying to improve CX in your organization
• What technologies that can be leveraged to optimize CX in the consumer space can be rolled over into pharma?

Elyse Altabet, Director, Consumer Marketing, Novartis
Kirk Williamson, Consultant, Former Vice President Omnichannel, Alkermes
Jared Shechtman, Sr. Manager, Marketing Technology Solutions, Eisai
Joyce Ercolino, Director, Digital Excellence, Harmony Biosciences

Moderated by: Mary Lassiter, Digital Platform Operations Lead, Bayer

05:30 PM
End of Conference

Reception / Happy Hour to Follow

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