“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back to the technology,” - Steve Jobs, Apple
Discover How Pharma Brands are Using Technology to Measurably Improve Customer Experiences

The PanAgora Pharma CX Series presents the 4th Annual Pharma CX Tech Summit, a conference that explores how pharma is implementing emerging technologies - like AI/ML, voice & chat, connected devices, AR/VR, automation, personalization, and telehealth - to deliver better experiences for patients, payers, and HCPs. Our 250+ conference attendees and speakers include pharmaceutical organizations of all sizes, agencies, tech companies, CX business experts, CX solution providers, and customer engagement leaders.

Attendees of this virtual conference will be able to connect with other attendees, view and participate in all conference sessions and panels, ask questions to speakers and your fellow attendees, participate in networking breakout sessions, and access sponsor and exhibitor materials.

Join us virtually on October 6th for a 1-day pharma CX technology masterclass and discover how pharma is implementing the latest technolgoies that are creating improving customer experiences.
Date & Time
October 6, 2021
09:30 - 05:30PM EST
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Content from Last Year's (Virtual) Pharma CX Tech Summit
Pharma CX Tech 2020 Panel:
Voice & Chat, AI/ML, and Emerging Technologies Impacting CX

Panelists Include:
Mary Lassiter, Digital Campaign Management, Product Lead, Sanofi
Ahmed Albaiti, Cheif Executive Officer, Medullan
Michael DePalma, Founder & CEO, Pensare
Kristen Winters, CX Lead, North Americas Hub, Bayer
Pharma CX Tech 2020 Panel:
Putting the Customer at the Center of Your Media Strategy

Panelists Include:
Michael Jafar, Chief Commercial Officer, Evolus
Courtney Kober, Director, Integrated MCM, Bayer
Liz Pardieu, President and Founder, Spring and Bond
Kirti Mahajan, Assoc. Director, Integrated CE, Merck
Kevin Hsieh

Jim Lefevere
Kristen Winters
Corinne Yaouanq-Lyngberg
Lauren Murphy
Biohaven pharma
Courtney Cramer
Mary Lassiter
Robin Kamen
Amy Turnquist
North Highland
JD Lineen
Stephanie Garrison
Daniel Landis
Aytu Biopharma
Steve Peretz
Megan Brown
Seth Painter
Dany De Grave
Anton Yarovoy
Jeremy Pincus
09:45 AM
Opening Remarks from Conference Chairs

Seth Painter, Director, National Accounts, Populus Media
Kristen Winters, CX Lead, Americas Hub, Commercial Model Innovation, Bayer

10:00 AM
PERSPECTIVES: Patient Experience in Pharma - The Future Arrived Yesterday

The patient experience can be augmented via technology in many different ways. This panel will explore some of the technology solutions that are having a positive impact on patient experiences, and also examine some of the underlying tenets that power them.

• What is patient experience as it pertains to technology?
• What are some of the basic understandings that need to be in place before applying technology to PX?
• What are some of the technologies that are making an impact?
• Where in the PX continuum could technology be better leveraged?
• What will we see in 2022 with regards to CX Tech?

Dan Landis, Associate Director, Channel Strategy & Access Programs, Aytu BioPharma
Lauren Murphy, Associate Director, Consumer Marketing, Biohaven Pharma
Daniel Hsieh, Service Lead, Web and Mobile, Genentech

10:30 AM
Using Conversational AI 

Megan Brown, Director, Cognitive Technologies, Verint

11:00 AM
Group Roundtable Workshop & Networking Break

11:30 AM
PERSPECTIVES:  Emerging Technologies Enhancing Experiences

This discussion will center around how pharma marketers are utilizing emerging technologies - like automation, voice & chat, AI/ML, VR/AR, connected devices - to deliver improved customer experiences and also drive revenue.

• What is the “state of the nation” for emerging technologies in pharma marketing?
• Examples of how voice, virtual assistants, chatbots, and NLP have improved CX or related performance.
• How does AI contribute to the performance/success of these functionalities?
• What’s missing? What’s next?

Dany De Grave, Sr. Director, Digital Transformation, Sanofi
Corinne Yaouanq-Lyngberg, Director- Omnichannel Strategic Enablement, Novo Nordisk

12:00 PM
New Killer App? Platforms in Healthcare
The healthcare burden continues to increase and the complexity continues to grow. There is a high volume of inefficiencies in the market, which is becoming increasingly fragmented due to the infusion of venture capital dollars over the last five plus years ...and the 1,000s of start-up companies focused on addressing some particular aspect of healthcare.

What does this mean? And how can the marketer gain a better understanding of what a platform means to their business and their customer experience.

Jim Lefevere, International Business Leader, Digital Partnering Solutions, Roche

12:30 PM
PERSPECTIVES: Most healthcare apps fail. But yours doesn’t have to.  
As part of the pill plus movement, most Pharma companies are creating digital support programs to provide more value to the broader patient and caregivers with their daily chronic health management needs (tracking, health literacy, timely intervention recommendations/motivations).

How can you leverage best practices and set yourself up for success?

• Proactive strategies that addresses the patient-experience blindspot
• How can human-centered, empathetic design make a difference?
• How do you drive unique value with iterative innovation?
• Change management to grow a culture that is ready to embrace a digital product mindset

Steve Peretz, Director, Health Experience & Product Strategy, Appnovation
Mary Lassiter, Digital Platform Operations Lead, Bayer
JD Lineen, Sr. Director, Engagement Lead, BMS

01:00 PM
Group Roundtable Workshop & Networking Break

01:30 PM
PERSPECTIVES: Technologies Impacting the HCP Experience
In the CX continuum, the HCP is often overshadowed by the Patient. Focus needs to be placed on both, however, as the HCPs experience can make or break a brand. This discussion will highlight the importance of HCP Experience, some of the fundamental building blocks and the technologies that are optimizing the experience for prescribers.

• The latest in HCP engagement technology: What's working? What's not?
• What technologies do we wish we had?
• Examples of how technology is impacteing the HCP experience
• How do you know a functionality is working towards improving HCPX?
• HCPX in 2022...and beyond: what’s on the roadmap?

Courtney Cramer, Associate Director, Keytruda Marketing, Merck
Robin Kamen, Global Lead, Omnichannel & CX, Galderma
Stephanie Garrison, Lead, Digital Marketing US, Idorsia Pharmaceuticals

02:00 PM
Presentation TBA

Speaker TBA

02:30 PM
Group Roundtable Workshop & Networking Break

03:00 PM
PERSPECTIVES: How is Data Shaping the Future of CX?
• Can CX be quantified using data?
• How is technology allowing brands to optimize CX by leveraging data?
• What can we learn from data about customer behavior patterns?
• Examples of pharma creating data products that drive CX automation

Vijay Iyengar, Sr. Director, Sales & Marketing, Eisai
Jeremy Pincus, Sr. Director, Global Digital Marketing Tech & Platforms, GSK
Anton Yarovoy, Director, Precision Medicine, Novartis

03:30 PM
PERSPECTIVES: Telehealth Strategy to Enhance CX
Over the past 18 months, the prominence of telehealth has increased dramatically.  Patients, providers, payers, IDNs, caregivers ...have all felt the impact of remote health options across the spectrum of care. It’s safe to say that telehealth is not a novelty; its not going away.  This technological revolution creates opportunities to augment CX in a myriad of ways.

• How is your business embracing/leveraging telehealth?
• What differences are noticed with change in modalities? What can do that you couldnt before? What can you NOT do?
• What are some examples of how your business can effectively utilize telehealth and how do they improve CX?
• In 10 years, where do you see telehealth fitting into the continuum of care or customer experience?

Panelists TBA

04:00 PM
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