“You’ve got to start with the customer experience (CX) and work back to the technology,” - Steve Jobs, Apple
Learn How Pharma is Implementing Technologies that are Measurably Improving Customer Experiences

The Pharma CX Series presents the TECH Summit, exploring how pharma is implementing emerging technologies - like AI/ML, voice & chat, connected devices, AR/VR, automation, personalization, and telehealth - to enhance customer experiences for patients, payers, and HCPs. Conference speakers and attendees include pharmaceutical organizations of all sizes, agencies, tech companies, CX business experts, CX solution providers, and customer engagement leaders.

Attendees of this virtual conference will be able to connect with other attendees, access all conference sessions, ask questions to speakers, participate in networking events, and view sponsor materials.

Join us virtually on June 30th for a 1-day pharma CX technology masterclass and discover how pharma can implement the latest technolgoies that will deliver more seamless experiences for customers.
Date & Time
June 30, 2021
01:30 - 3:30PM EST
12:00 PM
Opening Remarks from Conference Chairs

Seth Painter, Digital Marketing Strategist, Deerfield
Kristen Winters, CX Lead, North Americas Hub, Bayer

12:10 PM
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Pharma: The Future Arrived Yesterday

This session starts off with a high level look back at the early days of AI explaining why only now AI becomes so pervasive in our lives. Not only in consumer applications but also in healthcare and at Pharma companies. Not only in research but also in Manufacturing, Regulatory, and yes, Commercial.

Dany De Grave, Founder, Unconventional Innovation & Sr. Director, Digital Transformation, Sanofi

12:35 PM
Learning from Authentic Patient Voices

• Live demonstration of investigating authentic online patient voices using Semalytix Pharos Suite
• Exploring opportunities to understanding real patient experiences in real time
• Exploring the potential of patient-focused decisions-making to optimize the value of treatments

Janik Jaskolski, Chief Executive Officer, Semalytix
Teddy Lange, US Fellow, Semalyitix

01:00 PM
PERSPECTIVES: Voice & Chat, AI/ML, and Emerging Technologies Impacting CX 
This panel will look at how emerging technologies (AI/ML, AR/VR, connected devices, voice & chat, automation, personalization, telehealth, blockchain) can be leveraged by pharma marketers to provide value to consumers and opportunities for improved customer experiences.

Mary Lassiter, Digital Campaign Management, Product Lead, Sanofi
Ahmed Albaiti, Cheif Executive Officer, Medullan
Michael DePalma, Founder & CEO, Pensare
Kristen Winters, CX Lead, North Americas Hub, Bayer 

01:30 PM
Group Roundtable Workshop & Networking Break

02:00 PM
CX is the Heart of Healthcare

• Where we are at on the long road of Consumer Driven Healthcare
• The journey in building and launching Spotlyte, a digital venture focused on reaching, educating, and activating consumers
• How CX learnings guided Spotlyte after launch and how they will shape healthcare in the future

Erin Russell, Former GM, Spotlyte, Allergan, Chief Product Officer, Curio Digital Therapeutics

02:25 PM
Return on Experience (RoE): CX in the Outcomes Economy
Return on Experience (RoE) is more important that ever. In this presentation, Rich will explore the kindness quotient to look at customer experience in the outcomes economy.

Rich Schwartz, Life Sciences Industry Practice Lead, Medallia

02:50 PM
PERSPECTIVES: Prioritizing the Customer Experience in the COVID-Era
• Who is your organization’s ‘customer(s)’?
• How has your organization’s focus on “digital” changed since the onset of COVID?
• Has there been a shift in the importance of customer insights since COVID?
• Which technology investments are contributing to CX success and which are not?
• What are the major challenges to improving CX in pharma? How can technology bridge the gap?

Stephanie Garrison, Director, Digital Strategy, US HCP Marketing, Intercept Pharmaceuticals
Joyce Ercolino, Director, Digital Excellence, Harmony BioSciences
Jared Shechtman, Digital Marketing Services, Eisai
Jeremy Muratore, Founder, Social Construktion

03:20 PM
Group Roundtable Workshop & Networking Break

03:50 PM
Unlock Your Innovative Power
• Learn what most companies get wrong when it comes to Innovation
• Learn how & where CX fits in with Innovation

Laura Flessner, Director, New Venture Insights, GlaxoSmithKline

04:15 PM
PERSPECTIVES: Putting the Customer at the Center of Your Marketing Strategy using Digital/Media 
• How are pharma brands integrating their adversiting and customer experience strategies?
• Keys to creating highly personalized content with contextual relevance to offer customers the most value.
• How can pharma marketers use technology to enhance empathy? Has this changed since COVID?

Courtney Kober, Director, Integrated Multichannel Marketing, Bayer
Kirti Mahajan, Associate Director, Integrated Customer Engagement (Oncology), Merck
Liz Pardieu, President & Founder, Spring & Bond
Michael Jafar, Chief Commercial Officer, Evolus

04:45 PM
Erin Russell
Curio Digital Therapeutics

Laura Flessner
Kristen Winters
Ahmed Albaiti
Rich Schwartz
Kirti Mahajan
Mary Lassiter
Janik Jaskolski 
Joyce Ercolino
Jeremy Muratore
Stephanie Garrison
Elizabeth Pardieu
Michael DePalma
Dany De Grave
Courtney Kober
Jared Shechtman
Michael Jafer
Seth Painter
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