“We take most of the money that we could have spent on paid advertising and instead put it back into the customer experience. Then we let the customers be our marketing.” - Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos
Discover How Pharma is Using Technology to Measurably Improve Customer Experiences

Join us on November 15th in Princeton, NJ for a 1-day pharma CX technology masterclass and discover how pharma is implementing technology that is redefining the standard for customer experience.

The 5th Annual Pharma CX Tech Summit will bring together 100+ commercial leaders to learn how pharma is using technologies - like AI/ML, voice & chat, connected devices, AR/VR, automation, personalization, and telehealth - to enhance the customer experience. Hear from leading pharma customer experience, marketing, and customer engagement teams about what they are doing to deliver better experiences for patients, payers, and HCPs, while also improving their bottom line.

Delegates of this conference will have ample opportunity to connect with other attendees, engage with conference speakers and panelists, participate in interactive conference sessions and workshops, and network.

The Nassau Inn
Grand Ballroom
Princeton, NJ
Date & Time
November 15, 2022
09:00 - 06:00PM EST
Speaking Faculty
Lars Merk

Karen Root
boehringer ingelheim
Wayne Simmons 
Corinne Yaouanq-Lyngberg
Mahesh Kolar
Leo pharma
Will McMahon
Mary Lassiter
Tim Glennon
Amy Turnquist
North Highland
Heath Morlok
Stephanie Garrison
Rich Schwartrz
Geoff Chamberlain
Jared Shechtman
Peter Chiappano
Vijay Iyengar
2022 Conference Agenda
09:20 AM
Opening Remarks from Conference Chair

Seth Painter, Director, National Accounts, Populus Media

09:30 AM
Do Digital Customers Dream of Electric Sheep?

Rich Schwartz, Life Sciences Industry Practice Lead, Medallia

09:55 AM
PERSPECTIVES: Technology Redefining the Patient Experience in Pharma

The importance of technology as it applies to patient experience (PX) cannot be overstated. Almost every touchpoint on the patient journey is affected by technology in one way or another. Are we using it to optimize the patient experience? Can technology have a negative effect?

• How does technology enhance PX for your specific product/market/therapy/patient populations?
• When considering patient experience technology tech, what has changed in the past 12 months?
• How are you using technology to understand and act on customer frustrations?
• How can customer feedback and observation can drive better engagement/value in technology decisions?
• How do you connect ‘channels of choice’?

Will McMahon, Associate Director, Marketing, BMS
Additional Panelists TBA

Moderated by: Amy Turnquist, Principal, North Highland

10:25 AM
Pharma CX Tech: 3 Essential Shifts

Customers today have more choices than ever. In this environment, delivering exceptional experiences to HCPs becomes a compelling way for Pharma companies to differentiate from the crowd and earn the right to long-term customer relationships. Understand the essential shifts that Pharma companies must make to reposition CX from a "nice-to-have" to a core value driver.

Wayne Simmons, Customer Powerhouse, Customer Experience Leader, Bayer

10:50 AM
Networking Break

11:05 AM
FIRESIDE CHAT: Development, Strategy and Tech Implementation for a Pharma Customer Experience Program
Speakers TBA

11:35 AM
Presentation TBA

Orel Swenson, M.D., Director, Business Development & Strategy, Biofourmis

12:00 PM
PERPECTIVES: Building Blocks for a Better HCP Experience
Customer experience intersects with all phases of marketing, and an optimal CX should be the goal of every program, campaign, or initiative. There are, however, some inevitable bumps in the road to optimal customer experience. Clinician and administrative engagement leaders are increasingly looking to experience insights to shape and validate efforts on and offline. While the appetite has never been higher, some things are holding industry back from realizing the value other B2B focused industries see. Whether it's organizational, technological, or simply our industry in general, our panel will identify some of those challenges and discuss ways of mitigation.

• Discuss some of the challenges (internal buy-in, regulatory, budget, technology, measurement, etc.) that can appear on the pathway to optimal CX 
• How can experience data support the total office engagement to increase affinity and decrease practice burden (clinical, logistical)?
• How is clinician experience activation connected to business objectives?
• The connector between the optimized professional experience to help the MD and office serve the patient?  

Heath Morlok, Associate Director, Oncology, Integrated Customer Engagement, Merck
Peter Chiappano, Associate Director, Emerging Technologies & Digital Strategy, Novo Nordisk
Mahesh Kolar, Senior Director, Commercial Operations, LEO Pharma

Moderated by: Stephanie Garrison, Lead, Digital Marketing US, Idorsia

12:30 PM
Networking Luncheon

01:30 PM
KEYNOTE: Design Thinking for a Better Customer Experience
What does Design Thinking have to do with Customer Experience? Can we include our customers in our corporate processes? Let’s talk about getting closer to the needs of the customer at every stage. It can be done, by any team, quickly and inexpensively. 

Cal Austin, Innovation Customer Experience Lead, Pfizer

01:55 PM
Pharma Tech vs. The World

Jared Shechtman, Eisai

02:25 PM
Multidimensional Storytelling

02:45 PM
PERSPECTIVES: Technologies Impacting the HCP Experience
In the CX continuum, the HCP is often overshadowed by the Patient. Focus needs to be placed on both, however, as the HCPs experience can make or break a brand. This discussion will highlight the importance of HCP Experience, some of the fundamental building blocks and the technologies that are optimizing the experience for prescribers.

• The latest in HCP engagement technology: What's working? What's not?
• What technologies do we wish we had?
• Examples of how technology is impacting the HCP experience
• How do you know a functionality is working towards improving HCPX?
• HCPX in 2022...and beyond: what’s on the roadmap?

Courtney Cramer, Associate Director, Keytruda Marketing, Merck
Robin Kamen, Global Lead, Omnichannel & CX, Galderma
Stephanie Garrison, Lead, Digital Marketing US, Idorsia Pharmaceuticals

Moderated by: Kristen Winters, CX Lead, Americas Hub, Commercial Model Innovation, Bayer

03:05 PM
PERSPECTIVES: How is Data Shaping the Future of CX?
• Can CX be quantified using data?
• How is technology allowing brands to optimize CX by leveraging data?
• What can we learn from data about customer behavior patterns?
• Examples of pharma creating data products that drive CX automation

Vijay Iyengar, Sr. Director, Sales & Marketing, Eisai
Jeremy Pincus, Sr. Director, Global Digital Marketing Tech & Platforms, GSK
Anton Yarovoy, Director, Precision Medicine, Novartis

Moderated by: Seth Painter, Director, National Accounts, Populus Media

03:25 PM
FIRESIDE CHAT: Powering Digital Transformation with Data
• What is your over-arching philosophy that powers digital transformation and, thus, your data strategy?
• What were the specific challenges as it pertained to data + CX…?
• How did those challenges impact CX?
• What approach do you take to your data? How do you tackle your data?
• On what three things are you focused on when organizing your data?

Michael Kirzhner, Associate Director, Brand Technology, Omnichannel Solutions, AbbVie

03:55 PM
Networking Break & Breakout Groups

05:00 PM
End of Conference

Content from the 2021 
Pharma CX Tech Summit (Virtual)
Pharma CX Tech 2021 Panel

Technologies Impacting the HCP Experience

Panelists Include:
Courtney Cramer, Associate Director, Keytruda Marketing, Merck
Robin Kamen, Global Lead, Omnichannel & CX, Galderma
Stephanie Garrison, Lead, Digital Marketing US, Idorsia Pharmaceuticals

Moderated By:
Kristen Winters, CX Lead, North Americas Hub, Bayer
Pharma CX Tech 2021 Panel

Emerging Technologies Enhancing CX in Pharma

Panelists Include:
Dany De Grave, Sr. Director, Digital Transformation, Sanofi
Beerju Patel, Non-Personal Promotion Lead, Media Strategy, AstraZeneca
Corinne Yaouanq-Lyngberg, Director- Omnichannel Enablement, Novo Nordisk

Moderated by:
Amy Turnquist, Principal, North Highland, President, HBA Philadelphia
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